Workshop Agenda
October 1-5, 2014
Social Services of Politechnical Institute Bragança

Bragança, Portugal
 Wednesday, October 1, 2014

                   Afternoon – Arrival of participants
                   19:00     Welcome evening dinner (Institute restaurant)
             o   Welcoming by Marijke Seresia (ECStA President)
             o   Welcoming by the President of Politechnical Institute of Bragança
Thursday, October 2, 2014

       9:00-9:30            Opening session
                   9:30-12:30          Internationalization efforts in student affairs
o   Analysis of current US-led initiatives to shape the future “global student affairs” (e.g. IASAS, Global Summit and so on)
o   Updates on international activities around the globe
Input statement by Achim Meyer auf der Heyde (DSW)
Discussion with the group
                  12:30-14:00        Lunch Break (Institute Restaurant)
                  14:00-17:30       Elements of a European Strategy in Student Affairs
                 Key elements of European student affairs and services:
           o   European values, vision and mission in Student Affairs
           o   Common goals and objectives of European Student Affairs
           o   What is the specifically European perspective in global student affairs?
           o   How can services for students be based on the European welfare state model, notions of higher education as a public good, and the student as an adult and responsible member of an autonomous university?
           o   What could and should be done to strengthen the European model of student affairs and services?
                 Input statement: Jean-Paul Roumegas (CNOUS)
                 Critical Respondents / representatives from at least four different “European Services models”:
           o   services based in higher education institutions (UK, Eastern Europe)
           o   comprehensive public services provided in all sectors (Germany, France, or Italy)
           o   sectorally provided public services (Scandinavia, Greece, or Turkey)
           o   locally provided services (Belgium or Portugal) 

                 Discussion with the group
                 18:30                    Reception by the Mayor of Bragança (Municipality)
                 19:30                   Dinner at the Museu Abade Baçal
                 22:00                   Music at the Church St. Maria

Friday, October 3, 2014 
                 9:00-12:30           ECStA's Role in European and Global Student Affairs
                 Structured discussion (facilitated by a moderator) on key areas such as:
o   mission/values of the ECStA
o   programmatic activities, events, workshops, initiatives and products/benefits for member institutions
o   visibility and attractiveness to non-members
o   partnerships and cooperation with other student affairs organisations
o   organizational development (including questions on staff, leadership, and membership fees)
o   organizational structure (statutes, tasks and responsibilities of different ECStA bodies, etc.)
Input statement: N.N. (for example ANDISU)
Respondent: Brian Gormley (CSSI) – to be confirmed
Discussion with the group
                12:30-14:00        Lunch Break  (Institute Restaurant)
                14:00-16:00         ECStA 2020 – Strategic Development
          o   Collection of members experiences and expectations vis-à-vis the ECStA
          o   Report on additional results from the online survey
          o   Draft conclusions of the strategy workshop
          o   Working groups to draft/review documents (strategy and action plan 2015-2020, review of statutes, review of mission and values statement, brochure, website, additional material)
          o   agree on a joint European Strategy for the Global Summit on Student Affairs in October 2014 in Rome
          Input:  ECStA Board of Directors - Summary of Discussions
          Open Space for proposals and comments
          Discussion with the group
                Conclusion by Marijke Seresia (ECStA President)
                16:00     Visit of the city of Bragança
                20:00     Dinner in the village “Gimonde”
                Night in a typical tavern / free evening

Saturday, October 4, 2014
                Excursion to the Douro River Valley (where port wine is produced)
                Visit Mirandela
                Lunch in a Cave
                Boat trip on the Douro River
                Dinner at the Restaurant Snra. das Neves – Bornes “Mountains”
Sunday, October 5, 2014
               Departure to home destination