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Intensive Programmes | FORREC | Daily Plan
Date The programme of lectures and other activities
10/07/2011 Arrive in Warsaw and transfer to Warsaw University of Life Sciences Campus accommodation.
11/07/2011 Introduction to the course – Module 1.
Introduction to forest recreation and nature tourism in each participating country – presentation by students.
Field trip around forests of Warsaw Metropolitan study area to familiarize with the landscape.
12/07/2011 Lecture on benefits of outdoor recreation and nature tourism – Module 6.
Lecture on history and societal trends – Module 1 (cont).
Introduction to the tasks for first week and walk around another part of the study area.
13/07/2011 Presentation by Regional Forest Division of Warsaw.
Lecture on health, well-being and environment – Module 6 (cont).
14/07/2011 Lecture on recreation planning - Module 3, 4 and 5.
Work on planning project for recreation while considering ecological aspects, going out to survey the area or to look at places if they want.
15/07/2011 All Students select places from their plans to draw up ideas for development of a site for recreation and present final plans and design solutions at the end of the day to Regional Forest Division of Warsaw staff.
16/07/2011 Free time, and/or transfer to Kraków.
17/07/2011 Free time, and/or transfer to Marymont training centre of Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Kiry, Zakopane.
18/07/2011 Lecture on strategic planning of forest recreation - Module 3 (cont).
Lecture on ecological planning for nature tourism – Module 4 and 5 (cont).
Introduction to Tatras and Zakopane protected landscape and the issues facing recreation and tourism.
Walk around part of the study area to look at landscape and Recreation
19/07/2011 Lecture on problems of forest recreation in protected areas – Module 2 and 9.
Lecture on Instruments for rural development – Module 7 and 8.
Discussion about examples of strategic planning of forest recreation in Europe.
Students start to develop first stage of plan for strategic development of Zakopane area.
20/07/2011 Visit to more of Zakopane area to gather information.
Continue working on strategic plan.
21/07/2011 Field trip around south Poland to look at forest recreation sites managed by state forest and park services, returning to Kiry, Zakopane in late evening. 
22/07/2011 Conclude working on strategic plan.
Public presentation and evaluation of field practice student results plan ideas to local municipality and state forest and park services.
23/07/2011 Departure day - Transfer to Warsaw airport will be arranged.
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