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At the end of the course unit the learner is expected to be able to:
a) Understand the physiology, genetics and ecology of fungi that are relevant for their exploitation in biological control;
b) Know the current status of research on fungi applications as biological control agents against plant pathogens, insect pests and weeds, and as plant growth promoters and disease suppressors, for Sustainable Agriculture;
c) Understand the mechanisms by which biological control occurs;
d) Acquire practical experience in fungi isolation, culture, molecular identification and in the screening of biocontrol agents through laboratory bioassays;
e) Acquire practical experience on proteomics analysis, in particular in the identification of toxic proteins produced by fungal biocontrol agents, and explore their use as bioactive compounds;
f) Acquire practical experience in the production, stabilisation and formulation of fungal biocontrol agents (myco-insecticides, -herbicides and - fungicides);
g) Apply biological control agents in Integrated Pest Management and Sustainable Agriculture systems;
h) Enhance technical skills related to the application of fungi in different biotechnological processes used to control insect pests, plant pathogens and weeds;
i) Create his/her own business in the biological control area, which is an area with great job opportunities.
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12/06/2011 to 26/06/2011
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