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Intensive Programmes | International Business Management | Learning Outcomes and Competences
International Business Management Intensive Programme
Management and Administration (CODE AREA: 345)

At the end of the course unit the learner is expected to be able to:
a) understand the significance of culture and biases among negotiators;
b) understand how to use the leverage of cultural sensitivity;
c) use cross-cultural communication skills and intercultural competences to compete in a global labour market;
d) identify relevant sources of information in chosen a country;
e) reveal a systemic and integrated view of an international business organization;
f) adopt a permanent knowledge seeking culture in the management study area;
g) design internationalization strategies;
h) choose a project idea, to perform the preparatory project analysis and to determine the aims of a project;
i) enhance technical skills related to information research, treatment and presentation which are the source to make a decision and to have an active and responsible management intervention;
j) analyse quantitative and qualitative information, economical and financial, related with concepts such as the market, product and cost performance, as a way to support the economic and market research.
IP Coordinator
Paula Odete Fernandes
Department: Economics and Management
School of Technology and Management
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Key Dates
IP Date:
09/07/2011 to 24/07/2011
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