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Traditionally the main function of forests in Europe has been wood production. Over the last few decades, in many countries, management for nature and ecological functions of forests has become an important secondary objective, sometimes surpassing wood production as the primary function. The social functions of forests, e.g. recreation, have also started to move up the political agenda in many countries in recent years.

Recreational aspects of forests have only been dealt with on a scientific and academic level for a relatively few years; there is a need for a solid learning base. The main objective of the Intensive Course is to improve the quality of learning available to European students and lecturers on the recreation and tourism benefits of forestry and to increase the knowledge of techniques for delivering recreation and tourism benefits from forestry.

The Intensive Course involves contributors - students and lecturers – from different socioeconomic contexts and demands of recreation in forest and nature tourism, from the North (Finland, Estonia) to the South (Portugal), and from the West (United Kingdom) to the East (Poland); different practices derived from different kind of forests, climate, and management will be able to share among the different experiences of lecturers and students; they all can contribute to achieve a very good diagnosis and future trends in Forest Recreation and Nature Tourism.

We look forward to welcoming you in the Programme!
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